Zagreb Glass Wall - CODAworx

Zagreb Glass Wall

Client: City of Zagreb

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $400

Project Team


Jeronim Tišljar

Bokart glass



Probably the heaviest glass sculpture ever or even larger, a glass brick 30 meters long wall.
A monument to the homeland with it’s official name, the glass brick wall is a sculpture that resembels the old brick wall made during the war for indipendancy of Croatia in the 90′. A transparent materials that gives a glare to the capitol of Zagreb with intention to serve as memory of ones history and search for liberation of the people.
Made out of the large glass brick each weightet over 45kg placed in two parallel lines with structural enforcment.
The monument is bulit with architectural solution from prof. Fabijanić and artist mr. Jeronim Tišljar, with friends from Czech with help for production of glass bricks.


Artistic solution was the most important part of the project as it is a simplified but very strong message to the people that will recongnize the walls that needed to be distrupted in order to get the freedom of the homeland that they need. Otherwise, the project would be a single lined wall with no interaction with sorounding and architectural integration.