Your Turn

Submitted by Michael Clapper Studios


Client: City of Englewood

Location: Englewood, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Michael Clapper

Michael Clapper Studios


Luzia Ornelas

Industry Resource



The brief was to create a public work of art for the newly renovated Duncan Park that was interactive. The committee wanted something where the park user could “leave their own mark”.


My goal was to engage the park users with something that wasn't typical within this setting. Placed close to the playground, Your Turn offers the user an artistic alternated for play. I created this piece from 11 stainless steel rods that each hold 5 cylinders on bearings. Each cylinders is painted three different colors allowing one to create an infinite variety of designs, or "paintings".


My firm worked closely with the Parks and Rec Department from the City of Englewood as well as three contractors toward the completion of the project.

Additional Information

It was my goal with "Your Turn" to allow the creative process to flourish within the park community. Each time someone steps up to the sculpture they can create their own abstract painting or color field design by turning the cylinders. Then, it's the next person's turn.