Your Infinite Spatial Regression - CODAworx

Your Infinite Spatial Regression

Submitted by Lance Turner

Client: Crosstown Arts

Location: Memphis, TN, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Lance Turner


Public Art Agent

Amanda Sparks

Crosstown Arts


This was made during my (and Crosstown Arts) first artist residency. It was a 4 month residency. I painted a repeating pattern of multiple different systems on the outside walls. Then, I made a 1/3rd scale model of the room, and painted that. Then I continued making 1/3rd scale models with each successive room to the extent that the rooms became invisibly small. I showed it for one night along with two other large rooms as a solo show, and I tore it all down.


I prefer to make what I want to make. Although, I am usually so interested in how a painting is made that subject matter is almost completely interchangeable. This leaves a lot of room for making a project specific to a particular commission.


I made this all by myself.

Additional Information

The outside of the walls are covered in mirror. Its painted with acrylic on drywall.