Nature themed artwork: Learning from children’ imagination to Golden Tower


Client: David Gordon Foundation

Location: Washington DC, DC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Humanity Memorial Inc.

Hopen Studio Inc.

Humanity Memorial Inc.


Sustainable brilliant colored Copper as Statue of Liberty. Nature themed artwork Golden Tower and children.
Our Team Structure Engineer’ Records includes 632-metre tall Shanghai Tower(World second tallest tower.) Anything You Can Image Can Be Built by our team, Your landmark’ Safety is Assured. Our experience prepared us to serve you.
Our landmark can successfully become signature for you to drive tourism for your city becuase of brilliant colored copper,Light, World Class Solid Structure,
( Please see how our artworks can complementing beautiful landscape through
“Color,Light, Safe Structure, joyous theme delighting all age groups”


Monumental Scale, can be made 5 to 30 meters tall landmark, engineered by world renown structure engineer, safety assured.
Pushes boundries by evoking emotion and bring people together, instill community pride.

Sense of arrival and belonging, feel welcomed and safe, celebrate diversity

Vivid colored copper, the same copper as the Statue of Liberty made of. Colors celebrate diversity,foster community unity and civil pride.
Dynamic lighting .

We believe ultmate golden key to scucceful landmark that connect millions visitors, is when art reflecting community vision, children’ beautiful imagination and their love for nature,because we are all children at heart!

Delight all age groups!

Please trust our team to create magic and wonder, together we can create a true landmark guided by your community,your landscape designers’ philosophy and vision.

Our Team Structure Engineer’ Records includes Shanghai Tower(World second tallest tower),World renown landmarks……
Anything You Can Image Can Be Built by our team. Your landmark’ Enjoyment, Quality and Safety Assured.


Our innovative combination rich colors of copper, reflective copper reflects brilliant color of stunning landscape, trees in surroundings. Our noble copper is the same copper the Staue of Liberty made of. Require zero maintenance in the environment outdoor, withstand any storm, typhoon, flood, heat and any extreme weather, resist urban pollutants, virtually indestructible, highly resistant to vandalism. Completely non-toxic, safe for children and public,our materials are lead-free, safe for public gathering space.

Additional Information

We will bring vibrant patina colors to our bronze artwork, and rich natural art element of your local flora and fauna to this project. We believe we have what it takes to fulfill the goal to create artworks reflect your vision. Our vibrating patina colors and delight spirit of our artwork align well with your vision for your public art. Our team will guarantee rich colors patina on bronze to reflect the welcoming spirit of your community because our team’ unique expertise of decade training in color with subjects of our great nature.