Yellow I-beam Series - CODAworx

Yellow I-beam Series

Submitted by Timothy Carter


Location: Lake Worth, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Industry Resource

Ron Smith

R.O.Smith inc


Timothy Carter


I am a minimalistic steel sculptor using steel I-beams. I created the three sculptures presented here, which were made at my studio in Lake Worth, FL. They are displayed on the Florida Turnpike, south bond, near the Lake Worth exit. They range in size from 22 feet tall, 18 feet tall, and 9 feet tall. I developed what I believe to be a revolutionary technique of bending the I-beams into curved shapes without using heat, and only using hydraulics.


My goal with this project was to design and prototype a form of steel sculpting using I-beams bent into curved shapes using hydraulics. I will further develop this method of sculpting and expand it to use larger steel I-beams and more complex curved shapes in as many public and private sculpture venues as possible.