XylemXyl - CODAworx


Submitted by Peter Krsko

Client: The Wormfarm Institute

Location: Rock Springs, WI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Donna Neuwirth

The Wormfarm Institute


Peter Krsko


Materials: Pine lumber, PVC pipes
Dimensions: 40' W X 40' D X 16' H
Installed in Ableman's Gorge in Rock Springs, WI. Commissioned by the Wormfarm Institute.
XylemXyl was in interactive piece. The viewers played the PVC pipes as a xylophone, creating music than moved through the sculptures the same way an energy moves through tree's xylem tissue. Thus XylemXyl. The sounds echoed in the wonderful landscape. The multiple players composed music simultaneously.


The goal was to create a piece for Art/Farm DTour, a regional event with more than 20000 visitors.


The project was selected from a large pool of potential applicants. The final sketches were developed after the initial orientation. The sculpture was site-specific.

Additional Information

These three videos demonstrate how the viewers interacted with the sculpture. https://youtu.be/aYR-lpuW_ws https://youtu.be/LGZzf6RcSkk https://youtu.be/UjS5AJct9vA