Coo Lot with Plum Pipes

Submitted by Matthew Geller


Client: LAND Studio and the Cleveland Water Department

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Artwork budget: $165,000

Project Team

Project Management & fabriction overight

John Grant

Public Art Services

Structural Engineering

Nick Geurts



The artwork transforms two empty residential lots … • 12′ x 18′ x 135′ • Painted galvanized steel, stainless steel • R.J. Tayor Park, Cleveland, OH • Commissioned by LAND Studio & Cleveland Water Department


Coo Lot with Plum Pipes transforms two empty residential lots by creating a new jaunty entrance to R.J. Taylor Park and a spot for neighbors to saunter, meet, and gather. Referencing the nearby Nottingham Water Treatment Plant, the artwork is a 135-foot labyrinthine of water pipes with a swaying bench,
horizontal pipes that provide bench-like seating, and light that spills out of the vertical pipes like water to illuminate the path and trees at night.