Wyland AR Gallery - CODAworx

Wyland AR Gallery

Submitted by Roark Gourley

Client: Wyland World Wide

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Roark Gourley

Roark Studio


Wyland World Wide


Wyland and I have been close friends for some 30+ years. We both love technology. I worked with him to create his first wall here in Laguna Beach. Now he has over 100. He commissioned me to do some AR, Augmented Reality, digital sculptures for the Wyland Gallery that can be shared anywhere. The fun thing about this type of sculpture is you can take it with you. We did his famous first giant Whale Wall here in Laguna Beach and made “portable” 3D Whales you can take with you. We combined motion graphics with AR. AR is hard to measure… the wall the outside AR is generated from is over 150 feet and almost 40 feet high. The Whales and fish are adjustable to any size. IMPORTANT- Watch the video … it is all in motion.


The real goal was just to get it to work. The concept here is to integrate this into all has walls, sculptures, books and paintings. The possibilities are endless. We also worked on making these a part of his new NFT collection we are also working on.


Wyland and I have so many ideas it is endless.This just the start of a whole new set of mediums.

Additional Information

We are working these into NFTs ... that I will show in another project. The strange part here is the actual install...because it it digital, it goes anywhere and you can even take it home on you device.