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Wrought Iron Bench "Gothic"

Submitted by Creative Iron


Client: Private Client

Location: Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $760

Project Team

Interior Designer

Maja Kanop

little designer

Industry Resource

Boris Tušek

Googa wood


Wrought iron bench "Gothic" It is artist's view of include gothic architecture elements into modern furniture. Used materials: oak solid wood, wrought iron, beeswax finishing. Dimensions(length, width, height): 80cm x 22,5cm x 70cm (31,5in x 9in x 27,5in) Weight: 10kg (22lbs).


Gothic is a term that denotes the art of the late Middle Ages, between the 12th and 16th century. It originates from the Italian word gotico, and it came in use in the 16th century. It described the raw, barbaric culture and art, and so it had pejorative meaning. Today it marks one of the most important and the most beautiful art styles of Europe. One of the characteristics of Gothic architecture is a pointed arch. Gothic architecture is mostly preserved in cathedrals, churches, castles and town halls. Bench was created for private client to glorify this term. From Gothic architecture artist borrowed the typical pointed arch. Two of these arches are the base of the bench. Attached between them is the seat made from solid oak. He moved the arches slightly away from the edge. In doing so he interfered, so to speak, with the wooden plank because the inner arch had to pierce the wooden seat. This is the main feature of the bench. Gothic windows of a European cathedral have a new function: they are the constituent part of the bench and can continue their journey through centuries.