Woven Dome and Spire


Client: Transpacific Development Company

Location: Cerritos, CA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $550,000

Project Team


Lyle London

Art in Metal USA LLC


John Spohrer

Archisystems International


Thomas Irish

Transpacific Development Co.


I developed the woven dome with the project architects and created a 15' tall woven mesh stainless steel spire to crown the dome. The piece was assembled by my crew on the ground at the site and lifted into place by crane. The piece is visible during the day and with night from several miles away and acts as a beacon for the center of Cerritos.


It was crucial to integrate the artwork entirely seamlessly into the building design as the client wanted to create a highly visible and attractive building while also satisfying the art requirement for the City of Cerritos. I developed a model of the dome and created the spire in CAD to allow the engineers to assess the structural integrity, wind loading, etc.


The architect had imagined the woven dome capping the building but needed help to make the idea buildable. I felt that adding the woven mesh spire would really enhance the dome, and by placing led fixtures inside the spire we could create an ethereal glow at night to contrast with the harder under lighting of the dome's woven bands.

Additional Information

The dome is visible from all around the city and the Riverside Freeway for several miles.