Woozy Blossom


Client: 21c Museum Hotel

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Matthew Geller


Alice Gray Stites

21c Museum Hotel


Terrence Schroeder

Deborah Berke Partners

Industry Resource

Clint Allen

New Aspect Design LLC

Industry Resource

Andrew Vrana


Industry Resource

Mike Davis

CloudBurst Misting Systems


Planted among the bald cypress trees lining the sidewalk outside 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City, this perforated Corten steel tree produces a continuous fog, engulfing visitors and passersby in its mist and allowing them to revel in its cool, moist air. The fog is in a constant state of flux, sensitive to the slightest changes in wind, temperature, and humidity. (con't below)


Simultaneously eerie, unexpected, and playful, Woozy Blossom transforms the urban exterior of Oklahoma City’s 21c Museum Hotel into an ever-changing, otherworldly environment. The work both complements and disrupts its surroundings: a tree among trees, its industrial materials and mechanics provide material reference to the history of this former factory site—Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant. • Edition: 1 of 3 • Corten steel, mist (water), LED lights • 16’ x 9’ x 9’ (variable) • Location: 21c Museum Hotel, Oklahoma City • Commissioned by: 21c Museum Hotel


Siting and installation was a collaboration among 21c Museum Director, Alice Gray Stites, Deborah Berke Partners, and 21c founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson.

Additional Information

I use materials from the everyday outdoor environment—anything from benches, to swings, to canopies, to water—& bring them into the realm of art. I create a level of connection to the familiar while highlighting elements of awe & beguilement, often using existing artifacts from the site and retrofitting them to create a micro public square or landmark that encourages creative patterns of use. The artwork becomes part of the community's fabric & integral in shaping the way we live in public space. The idea is to surprise while fostering a sense of community around an unlikely object or site.