Wolf Moon, 2020. - CODAworx

Wolf Moon, 2020.

Client: Esser Studios and Brookfield Residential

Location: Avondale, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Creative Director

Greg Esser

Esser Studios, LLC



Brookfield Residential


“Wolf Moon” is a public art sculpture sited at Hay Moon Park, Avondale, Arizona, with dimensions of 16’ x 16’ x 9’. Wolf Moon is a homage to the Mexican Grey Wolf, the Coyote and the Grey Fox. All three of these feral Canids inhabit the surrounding desert.


The goal of this project was to create a signature landmark for Hay Moon Park in Avondale, AZ.


The Public Art collection at Alamar in Avondale, AZ. is a collaboration between Brookfield Residential and the City of Avondale. After meeting with the stakeholders, three different design directions were proposed. With feedback from the design committee, the desert wolf/ full moon proposal was agreed upon. Wolf Moon is the end result of a collaboration between the stakeholders and the artist.

Additional Information

"The privilege of owning valuable art is all too often reserved for the rich and famous, but at Alamar, every resident is a collector. Just walk down the street to the neighborhood park to glimpse a one-of-a-kind sculpture by one of Arizona’s greatest living artists including John Randall Nelson, Mary Shindell, Melissa Martinez, Fausto Fernandez, Neil Borowicz and Roy Wasson Valle." Jim Poulin – Phoenix Business Journal.