Wolf King - CODAworx

Wolf King

Submitted by Jeffrey Kirkeeng

Client: San Diego International Airport

Location: San Diego, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Jeffrey Kirkeeng

Public Art Agent

San Deigo International Airport Art Program

San Deigo International Airport

Industry Resource

ArtWorks San Diego


This was a commission for San Diego International Airport Public Art Program’s Myth of the West show. The work consists of four ceramic panels with gold leaf, each 54″h x 28″w x 4″d, variable. The work was designed for the Terminal 2 green build extension. It is suitable for interior or exterior environments and for either public or private spaces.


The work was designed for a glass case at Terminal 2, checkpoint 6, pre-security during the construction phase. The goal was to integrate the artwork with the environment, accounting for the scale in relation to the architectural space. The color of the glaze plays off the stone and the finishes surrounding the case, giving the illusion when walking up to the work that it almost emerges as if from nowhere. The work is appreciated differently at different distances, enhancing the environment from afar and surprising with rich details upon a close examination.


This was a collaboration with the San Diego International Airport for the 2013-2014 temporary art exhibit, Myth of the West. Artists were accepted on RFQ's and designed projects in direct collaboration with the Airport Public Art Program staff. All images & text were vetted to meet airport policy and guidelines. Airport staff arranged the fabrication for hanging and installation with ArtWorks San Diego.

Additional Information

This work was inspired by artifacts, literature and ideas about perspective. The Wolf King panels are part of a larger body of work based on the re-telling of Red Riding Hood from the Wolf's perspective. The panels includes narrative vignettes from the story along with cuneiform inspired verse. The work explores the nature of perspective with humor, irony and curiosity, visually playing with the tension between the ancient and the modern. From a distance, it appears to be an ancient artifact. Close up, one observes the unique melange of ancient images with a contemporary twist.