Wish - CODAworx




Location: Reno, NV, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Robert Buchholz






This piece will take you back in time to renew memories of blowing seeds from a dandelion while closing your eyes and making that all important…Wish.

Wish has been seen by millions across the globe and is our most famous piece. It is a highly mixed medium project showcasing three contemporary dandelions that are losing their seeds in the wind. It has a delicate balance with an elaborate blown glass and mirror mosaic that covers the entire surface of the dandelion stems.

Like most of Feral- Studio’s projects, Wish has an enormity that catches everyone’s attention. The 50′ tall structure catches the eye of anyone near and far and the lighting of the piece draws attention while creating a space for conversation and unity.

Total height: 50′
Foundation footprint: 30′ x 30′
Poly-carbonate seeds: 4’D
Lower stems: 17 1/2″ D

Total weight: 21,000 lbs
Foundation: 7,200 lbs
Flower stems: 6,500 lbs
Flower bulbs: 1,500 lbs
Seeds: 5,250 lbs
Leaves: 750 lbs

16″ .250 wall steel pipe (stems)
1″ steel base plates
1.25″ grade 8 mounting hardware (base plates)


The three (3) stems are built from 16″ schedule 40 steel pipe that vary in length from 40', 45', and the largest breaking the 50' mark. The flower bulbs of the project are a mix of plastic, steel, and fiberglass; all embeds were fastened to a 4' diameter plastic ball, then glassed.

The seeds are built of aluminum that sleeve into the balls. the top of the seed is a contemporary polycarbonate disk that illuminates by a fully programmable LED strip. In between the stem and the flower bulb is a ¼” aluminum leaf disk; the leaves were constructed from an 8'x 8' sheet, formed, then more leaves were added to the disk to form a conical shape. The design of the leaves is aggressive (and sharp) and appear to protect the flowers from danger below. The flowers houses fifty-eight (58) programmable seeds and the ground another eighteen (18).

The foundation of the project consists of 18’×6’ wide flange beams and weighs a little over 3.5 tons; for most installations, the foundation will be buried from sight adding towards the visual cleanliness, making it seem as if the flowers have broken through the grounds surface, and with deep roots, are climbing and growing towards the sun. When fully assembled one controller is used to change lighting and interact with external music .