Wings of Time - CODAworx

Wings of Time

Submitted by ECA2

Client: Sentosa Development Corporation

Location: Sentosa island, Singapore

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Jean-Christophe CANIZARES



Sentosa Development Corporation


« Wings of Time » is a nighttime spectacular telling a tale of friendship as the hero travels on a fantastic homecoming journey. The central character is a bird whose majestic wings inspired the abstract 50-meters wide triangular backdrop.
This is an immersive musical light & sound experience that excites the senses! Through state-of-the-art technology and artistry, the production takes the spectators into spectacular worlds with stunning multimedia effects.
For the first time ever, 3D video mapping has been combined with all the other multimedia effects set in seawater: pyrotechnics, water effects, lasers, light, sound and flames.


The abstract triangles form are more than a backdrop. They are the stage, the screen, and even part of the story. Technically, they host some of the most exciting effects. Action projected onto the triangles by video or laser “flies” into the air by magic as it continues its journey projected onto a water screen. The physical form of the triangles is not a closed stage, it is a springboard from which the show can emerge in every direction. The audience experiences WOW after WOW after WOW.


No environment is more aggressive against multimedia equipment than the sea. Sea salt corrosion, water and wind pose a constant threat to the show’s essential functions. The project demanded unique expertise. Working closely together, the client (Sentosa Development Corporation) and the show production company (ECA2) have literally defied the sea.
“Wings of Time” was set-up in a record 6 weeks. This involved completely dismantling the previous show (“Songs of the Sea”), construction of the new stage, technical installation, programming, technical tests, operator training and rehearsals for local live performers.

Additional Information

To create bigger and better effects, “Wings of Time” uses an inspired new combination of technologies, brought together like never before. All the technologies used already existed… but they weren’t big enough, surprising enough, or spectacular enough. The show also tackled a tough new technical challenge. It uses powerful new water jets for the first time, to project water up to 25 meters for far more ambitious effects.