Wind Dancing - CODAworx

Wind Dancing

Client: Long Island Children's Museum

Location: Garden City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Meryl Taradash


Wayne La Pierre


My first wind-driven painted aluminum and steel sculpture featured 6 points of movement that reached 28ft in the air with a rotation around its mast of 16 1/2 ft. Sponsored for temporary exhibition by the David Bermant Foundation, it was initially shown outside the entrance to the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California. Today, Wind Dancing continues to move with the random winds of Long Island at its permanent location across from the entrance to the Long Island Children’s Museum in Garden City. A restoration grant was provided for the sculpture in 2009 where it continues to send strong messages of the museum’s values, its community and historic location.


Erik Schurink, Exhibit Director stated "the central theme presented by the sculpture is 'unhindered movement' which mirrors the museum's prinicipal mission to inspire visitors to explore freely.


I began my collaboration with Wayne La Pierre who worked we me to translate my design into its winged prisms shapes that catch the wind and turn. Joe Welch, a mechanical engineer assisted us in the development of the interior fittings required carefully allowing the sculptural elements to balance and move freely. We utilized local engineering firms, pipe rolling facilities and machine shops to complete both the original and restored versions.

Additional Information

Schurink also explains "that the sculpture serves as a reminder of Long Island's deep ties to both aviation and sailing...the take-off point for Charles Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight." Erik worked together with us to site the sculpture on mound and concrete footing arranging permits and soil studies for its base.Today Wind Dancing flies at a height of 23ft.