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W Hotel Seattle

Submitted by Esque Studio

Client: W Hotel Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Andi Kovel

Esque Studio


Justin Parker

Esque Studio


Jeff Kovel

Skylab Architecture


Originally constructed in 1998, the W Seattle Hotel was in need of a comprehensive renovation to both update the building’s public facilities and reinforce the hotel’s distinct W brand. W Hotel Seattle, in collaboration with Skylab Architecture fully incorporated our pendants into the architectural and design detailing. The fabric weave of the lounges deconstruct into vertical lines of rope, then visually fray at the ends in glass.


According to architect Jeff Kovel of Portland-based Skylab Architecture, the space mixes symphony and grunge, mountain views with a wharf, and modernity with elements of a rustic lodge. He says the design reflects elements of Seattle – monorails, the space needle and Sonic boom steel aircraft – interspersed throughout. Meanwhile, a homage to Native American culture is found in woven thread upholstery; it’s suspended from the ceiling in a lounge to create divisions in space.


We worked closely with the lead designers at Skylab Architecture, to arrive at a unique pendent cluster which played off of the architectural detailing of the newly re-designed space. The collaboration process was very organic and having worked with Skylab before it was exciting and visionary.