Who said fragile? - CODAworx

Who said fragile?

Submitted by Maria Torrendell


Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Maria Torrendell


Maria Jose Medina


With this piece I would like to reflect on the idea of femininity and glass using materials such as marble and reutilized glass.
The texts used in this piece belong to famous female poets such as Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Simone Weil and Maria Zambrano. Times are quickly changing and finally women are conquering new places in society, but these female poets in the past were seen as fragile or faulty in some way. I cannot help imagining how they would be looked at nowadays, when slowly women can start to choose their way of life freely and support themselves economically.
I use stone as a way to represent their solid souls and glass to represent their fragile appearance. We can now see through their poems in the glass coatings, the strength that has always lived in women´s cores, and that was put down by the way society worked in the past.
The materials here support this idea, I feel both glass and stone speak about female nature in an almost pure and simple way.
Femininity withholds a very subtle and indirect but strong power. Sometimes women can look very fragile like glass but their spirits hold great strength as we can read in some of these female poets work.
This solidness can come from places like empathy, sensitivity, spirituality, creativity, beauty, nursing, softn


The importance of this project is to bring light to female situation nowadays, and to help women feel free and connect with their feminine powerful side