White Mountain



Location: shanghai, China

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Kris Lin

Kris Lin International Design


Wang Jian

Xinghe Boyuan


The project base is surrounded by mountains, with natural landscape resources such as Zijin Mountain and Hongshan Forest Zoo. The designer, inspired by the shape of the rolling hills, creates the surficial landscape which extends down to the visual surface of the building. It connects the surficial and underground space. The petal-shaped landscape staircase leads people into the main functional space of the building.


The project base is located in the underground space. One is how to solve the problem of underground lighting and poor landscape, and the other is how to guide people from the ground to the underground club space.The strategy applied in this project is to combine the surficial landscape space and the underground construction, integrating the concept of mountain shapes to create a landscape -style building. In this way, the building’s perception of solidity will be weakened to fully integrate into the urban space. It also reduces the interference of the building to the urban environment and maintains the continuity of the urban landscape space.