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Wherefore Art Thou

Submitted by Sam McKinney

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Duncan White and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum

Location: Hamilton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Sam McKinney

Serendipity Studio Inc.

Industry Resource

Bronzart Foundry Inc.

Industry Resource

Lexington Granite


Wherefore Art Thou juts fifteen feet from the earth; spans five feet wide at ground level and is thirty inches deep. The piece is composed of a tapered black granite monolith quarried in India and two bronze figures stretching eleven feet from finger tip to toe. The prior project of Adam's First Breath was so well received it inspired another piece to be added to the Pyramid Hill's collection.


This sculpture coincides with the construction of the new Ancient Sculpture Museum and can be viewed from the Museum. The commission, spearheaded by Mr.and Mrs. White, includes local private and corporate contributors and Pyramid Hill. The subject of Romeo and Juliet originates from the patrons with free reign of artistic interpretation. This contemporary depiction of Shakespeare's characters in a dream state of love, appearing as if to float, divided by a black granite monolith, is a dynamic metaphor for the families’ contentions and the death that Romeo and Juliet ultimately share. Their arms and hands stretch to penetrate the barrier creating a heart shape symbolizing the power of young love.


I presented a scale maquette of the concept to the Park and Museum board, contributors and founder Harry Wilks to be approved. The site was suggested by Harry to complement the new Ancient Sculpture Museum. I collaborated with a monument company for the granite monolith and its installation. I collaborated with a foundry for the bronze castings.