where the sky began, a map of the land

Submitted by Metz and Chew


Client: Winnipeg Airport Authority

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $160,000

Project Team


Nancy Chew

Metz and Chew


Jacqueline Metz

Metz and Chew


Visible from all approaches this monumental artwork reminds you of a vast and iconic landscape, of the magnitude and delicacy of sky and earth. The artwork recalls the landscape you have flown over and the landscape you will soon pass through more intimately. The artwork is layered with geography, cartography, mythology, and personal ‘mappings’ – historical, poetic, or personal comments marked onto this symbolic map by those who have lived or travelled in Manitoba. The base image is Jacqueline’s ancestral farm in Manitoba. We each see the land through the prism of our memories, perceptions, and experiences.


The high two-storey space called for an artpiece of an impressive scale - to catch one's eyes from across the Arrivals Hall and as one descends the escalator. The monumental glass and steel structure is set off the wood paneled wall - within this massive tilting plane of blue there are layers of intimacy - images and text meant to be read up close from the floor or mezzanine.


Coordination amongst all parties: architect, project-manager, structural engineer, general contractor, fabricator and installer were crucial for a successful and integrated installation.

Additional Information

Photo Credits: Robert Tinker