"When We Die, We'll Float in Space on a Dandelion Nebula" - CODAworx

“When We Die, We’ll Float in Space on a Dandelion Nebula”

Submitted by Resa Blatman

Client: self

Location: Somerville, MA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Resa Blatman

Resa Blatman : Visual Artist, LLC


Richard B.

Childs Gallery


This is a self-defined project for a solo gallery exhibition that I had in 2022. The size is approximately 70h x 120w x 13d inches. The description and materials are a site-specific, wall-mounted installation: acrylic, Latex paint, and glitter on hand-cut Mylar; colored pencil and ink on paper; glass crystals; mounting pins, nails


To create a wall-mounted installation that speaks to themes such as humanity's relationship to the universe, our brief time here on Earth, death, and the way to visualize these themes through contemporary artmaking processes.


This was a sole project with a few artist friends offering feedback as the project was in process.

Additional Information

There are a lot of varying elements and media used to make this project come to life. It was a long and arduous process of making many tiny drawings (the dandelions), and trial and error with large painted pieces. From painting the wall dark blue to installing the tiniest glass crystal, this was a labor of love and experimentation. I'm very pleased with the end result; Cate McQuaid, the art critic from the Boston Globe called it "breathtaking."