“When everything near becomes distant” - CODAworx

“When everything near becomes distant”

Submitted by Elinor Milchan

Client: Celebrity Cruise Line Boat

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team

Art Consultant

ICArt_International Corporate Art


Elinor Milchan

Elinor, llc


The four works presented in the Solarium are photographs of nature’s reflections into water, combined with the energy of strokes of lights. They offer the viewer an endless sense of space, with no definite sense of gravity. The subject matter of the works refers to the natural refractions and effects of light onto nature and the environment. When everything near becomes distant, “Alles Nahe Werde Fern,” as Goethe wrote, one is left to explore the endless pictorial possibilities and disparities between where one is heading and where one could be heading. That point encompasses the innumerable paths of one's life.


Celebrity Cruises’ passion for creating timeless and memorable experiences is exemplified through the quality and breadth of their art collections. Each ship in Celebrity Cruises’ fleet reinvents itself through its art collection, which is inspired by the vessel’s name and essence. Celebrity Reflection’s curatorial theme, “The Seductiveness of a Reflection”, investigates the effect of art via the physical properties of reflective materials, as well as the subtler act of reflection.
The four works that encompasses "When everything near becomes distant" are a direct exploration of reflections into water, into nature, and blends in the location where it is placed which is the solarium. The Solarium has a pool and many plants and ivy leaves cascading on the walls. The location and size of the images were specifically designed to fit in the Solarium's architectural space.


Founded in 2004, International Corporate Art with more than 20 years of experience, ICArt has become the leading art advisory group worldwide for the leisure industry. ICArt works with clients to create unique and exciting art programs that begin with the concept and finish with on- site installation. ICArt has curated Celebrity Cruise’s five ships in the Solstice Class series with museum-quality art collections. They approached Elinor Milchan with the specific theme of reflection and with a specific location on the boat.
The created works are a direct correspondence between the artist and ICA, who encouraged the artist and guided her to further deepen the intensity of colors and adjust the works to the materials it was going to be mounted on.