What We Owe to Each Other - CODAworx

What We Owe to Each Other

Submitted by Susan Woodford Sculpture


Location: Charleston, SC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Kent Hertz

HZ Productions


Interactive static sculpture installation depicting humanized Angels with emotional responses to the division and societal norm of violence of the United States. Mehiel, the Angel of Creativity, and Admael, Angel of Creation of Earth are welded steel and copper forms with plexi-glass and fabric specifically used for projection mapping. Mehiel's copper wings extend nine foot high, while the figure is only inches off the ground huddled. Admael is only six foot tall as it hangs from eleven foot ceiling. the sculptures as well as the ground surrounding them are projection mapped, and on a loop of approximately 20min


Audience participation with the series depicting deficiencies in ethics is key. “If you want to see any detail in the sculpture you have to walk in the projection, and become a part of the installation. At that moment you become a part of the piece. Your experience is the Art.” (Woodford) The floor surrounding the sculptures is projected on approximately ten feet around. Viewers become a part of the projection on the floor, while the ceiling mounted projectors on the Angel are not disturbed by any movement on the floor. The audience has a controlled ability to change the installation.


From Maquettes and drawings, Woodford and Hertz chose poses, lines of movement, materials, and conveyance of emotion. As Woodford forged and welded the metals, Hertz developed imagery for the projection mapping. Upon completion of the sculptures Hertz was able to fine tune the projection mapping on the sculptures, and on the floor.

Additional Information

The series debuted in July 2018 with only two sculptures. Woodford and Hertz plan to create three more in the next two years that will include plexiglass and fiber-optics, singing bowls, fire, water, sand and lasers along with the projection mapping.