Wetland Landscape - CODAworx

Wetland Landscape

Submitted by Jennifer & David Clancy

Client: Susan Little & Bruce Turner

Location: Jamestown, RI, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team




Interior Designer



Art Consultant




Jennifer & David Clancy

Clancy Designs


My husband David and I were to work together to provide a glass sculpture, that reflected the surrounding natural landscape, for an alcove in an outdoor entertaining space. After thorough research of the surround forests and wetlands we created an array of plant life made out of glass to be the focal point of the piece while also creating a realistic environment for the two bird sculptures in the pond to “live”.


The original designers of the outdoor entertaining space had not made the alcove behind the pond for any specific piece of art. There really needed to be a commissioned piece of art for that space so that we as the artists could create a sculpture that specifically spoke to that space and the surrounding environment.


We (David & Jennifer Clancy) designed and made the piece going through several steps of research, drawing, blowing, and color work before mastering the plant life in glass. Once the focal point of the piece was completed we subcontracted Roberto Bessin to do the decorative bronze freeze for the base of the piece.

Additional Information

It was a delight to make a sculpture for a specific site that was so heavily influenced by the surrounding natural environment. An added bonus was the life the sculpture took on once it was interacting with the natural light of the environment through out different times of day.