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Proposed West Hollywood Luminous Public Art Exhibition Project

Client: City of West Hollywood

Location: West Hollywood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team


Nikolas Soren Goodich

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Limited


Jan Peters

Glasmalerei Peters Studio

Project Manager

Shelly Willis

Shelly Willis Consulting


Jeff Grantz

DCL Boston


Seven original large-scale two-sided solar powered luminous portrait print-paintings on glass for a two year long temporary exhibition installation in WEHO Art Park. West Hollywood artist and LA native-son Nikolas Soren Goodich presents unique glowing holographic multi-layered side-lit glass paintings that will transform the park site and become centers of beauty, vibrance, and pride for the rainbow of diversity that is the peoples of West Hollywood. They will shine with the visceral color of the California sun like jewels during the day and glow from within as evening arrives, making for a dynamic focused one-of-a-kind spectacle all night.

Single or dual symmetrical profile portraits will appear on the front and back sides of each panel. From a distance, or when viewed close together, they will appear to be multiple, intimate conversations taking place between people, lovers, members of the community.


During daylight hours, the surface of the artworks - with combinations of both reflective and non-reflective surfaces and their glass and plexiglass layers – will allow for a complex interplay of types of painted surfaces and reflections. Together with the kiln fired glass, plexiglass, stained glass, and hand mono-printed and painted layers, onlookers will discover entirely new visual aspects of the artworks every time they view them from differing angles and under different lighting conditions, by car or foot. At nighttime, due to their side-lit LED frames the solar powered works will glow from within, giving off a vibrant, visceral, interior light, floating like holograms.

The art will be produced by Goodich and a team of premier local, national, and international fine arts fabricators and public arts production professionals.


Goodich's team is composed entirely of art, design, and public art professionals who have successfully completed ambitious public art and architecture projects all over the world.

He will design the artworks and fabricate them in collaboration with both Glasmalerei Peters
Studios and Judson Glass. This will require travel to the Glasmalerei Peters Studio’s in
Paderborn Germany to oversee production of kiln fired glass panels and their assembly. David Judson and his expert artisans here in South Pasadena will also work with him to make and assemble kiln fired glass and my plexiglass panels for this project. He will need to rent a large studio space for two months to complete the final assembly of the artworks in their frames.

Shelly Willis will manage and administer the project including logistics, contracts, budgets, and necessary permits. She has more than 30 years managing the fabrication and installation of temporary and permanent public artworks in city, county, state government, universities, and the private sector.