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Well-Being Wall

Client: Rochester Art Center

Location: Rochester, MN, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

concept, squares, markers, stickers philosophy

Anne Labovitz

Anne Labovitz Studio

Commissioning body

Pamela Hugdahl

Rochester Art Center

draw/write on squares

The public

punched 10,000 grommets into 10,000 squares

Gabriel Ramirez

Indipendent contractor


Dr. Megan Arney Johnston

Slow Curating


Anne Labovitz and Public Participants in Rochester Minnesota
Well-Being Wall, 2023
Multidisciplinary interactive installation
6 x 6 in. artist-created paper with grommets

The Well-Being Wall is a place for visitors to express themselves creatively. A common element of the artist’s installations is her invitation to viewers to respond to their experiences immediately and personally, allowing their creative process to become part of the exhibition.

Visitors are asked to respond to the prompt: What does well-being mean to you? Using markers, each viewer creates their response on a square of paper developed and provided by the artist. All visitors are invited to participate in this co-creative experience. A large hanging grid is provided for the viewer to place their own work within this evolving section of the exhibition. Before they leave the exhibition, they are invited to take a sticker as a gratitude gift from the artist.


The goal is to find tangible marks of connection between viewers and the exhibition experience in a creative exchange between the artist and the audience. For Labovitz, reciprocal exchange is an ongoing collaborative process built on respect, creativity and equity.

Viewing and experiencing the wall populated with hundreds of folks' drawings and words provides an opportunity to pause and see one and another. The act of looking humanizes the viewer and the participant throughout the process.

The Well-Being wall is a platform for curiosity around the theme of well-being and its visual embodiment.


This is a community project that begins in my studio. To begin with I create 24 individual paintings, scan each one. Arrange for Shapco printers to print 10,000 6” x 6” squares on carefully chosen paper that will accept the sharpie markers willingly. Then Gabrile individually grommets each square in the corner to facilitate its hanging diagonally in the gallery. Meanwhile in the gallery many amazing volunteers create a grid wall to accept the squares . Each nail/hook can accommodate 5 squares deep. The tables are assembled and stickers placed out along with all supplies and a small sign indicating an invitation to participate for all. Then the magic happens. It is an ever evolving piece that is up for six months providing opportunities for contemplation and propagating a deeper conversation about well-being.

Celebrate your thoughts, memories and feelings about art and health by responding to the following prompt:

What does well-being mean to you?

1. Select a square
2. Use a marker to write or draw your response
3. Hang your artwork on the wall
4. Enjoy other folks’ creations
5. Please accept a sticker as a gift from the artist

Additional Information

The interconnection of health and art provides space for creativity and gives us the opportunity to consider ideas about wellness and how we respond emotively to art and each other. The artist envisioned this project to be an active place for creativity, contemplation, and conversation. Light, words, voices and text all become mediums in the work. Key words gleaned from the research and interviews include: Hope Love Rest Resilience Wellness Connection Community Purpose Peace Calm