Welcome - CODAworx


Submitted by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Client: O2 Ireland

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $390,000

Project Team


Jordan Parnass

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Art Consultant

Abigail Matthews

Momentum Engineering

Art Consultant

Christopher Rowell

Architen Landrell


Welcome was created as part of the O2 Dublin Brand Experience, a series of exclusive visitor
experiences and hospitality spaces created in the €80 million redevelopment of Dublin’s historic Point Theatre. The suspended canopy is comprised of tiny LED circuits connected by structural support cables and an integral data strand. Materials: Stainless steel cable, LEDs & Electronics. 65 feet x 35 feet x 8 feet.


Welcome serves as a VIP entry experience for the Historic Point Arena in Dublin, featuring personalized concierge service provided under a celestial, color changing lighting installation. The larger project included a number of custom environments developed specifically for the structure by JPDA.


Jordan Parnass served as the architect and artist for the project. The design was developed in close collaboration with Architen Landrell and Momentum Engineering to ensure that the artwork would be as lightweight and efficient as possible when integrated into the historic building shell.