weatherproofing/recipe - CODAworx


Submitted by Herbert Hofer

Client: BWS Group, Vienna

Location: Vienna, Austria

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Herbert Hofer

Herbert Hofer


Dominik Hennecke

Platzhalter Architektur


Weatherproofing/recipe is based on the concept of establishing a legible grid of text by reducing line and letter spacings. The cladding for the stairwell of a housing complex in Vienna is made of laser-cut and powder-coated aluminium and measures 14,5 x 5,8 m.


The cladding provides 48% surface coverage with bars of lettering made of laser-cut aluminium. By repeating a simple and popular local recipe (cabbage and pasta), the installation applies humour to engage with the significance of the simple things in life. The surprise experienced by the observant passer-by comes in two parts: First is the discovery that the unfamiliar-looking layout is actually legible, then comes the content which celebrates everyday life.


The project was initiated on the invitation of the architect of the housing complex Dominik Hennecke both as an artistic intervention and to meet the building regulations' technical stipulations.