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We Have a Dream

Submitted by suikang zhao

Client: Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center

Location: Johnson County, KS, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $160,000

Project Team


suikang zhao

zars studio ltd.

Public Art Agent

David Schaecher

Planning, Design & Construction


Bruce L. Rider, Director

Johnson County Juvenile Detention


Material: dichroic glass, aluminum holding and aircraft cable.
Size: 25' x 50' x 50' (entrance )
We have a dream is one of three parts of a permanent public art piece for Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center, Kansas.


The sculpture addresses the new philosophy and approach that Juvenile facility should function as an across road and emphasize a positive future. We have a dream is located at the entrance of the facility, then continues to the control center and resident area.


Work closely with architect and office of Johnson County, particular legal department. Projects were developed with suggestion and need of the facility, idea of location and “function” of the artworks were developed with architect. Two of other projects were involved with over 100 residents in the facility. One is a 90 feet of relief sculpture on retaining wall. I run series of sculpture classes every three weeks in the facility for 10 months. I worked with English teacher to collecting the writings from residents for a security structure window curtain wall. This is LEED platinum building project, a lot of more details were further considered.

Additional Information

The artwork uses rings and disks of diachronic glass, reflecting the moving sunlight through a skylight and 360 degrees of surrounding clearstory. The glass color project creates various rainbow colors, moving and imprinting the color pattern across the wall and floor throughout the space.