WCC Claiborne Building - CODAworx

WCC Claiborne Building

Submitted by Samuel Corso

Client: State of Louisiana

Location: BATON ROUGE, LA, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Samuel Joseph Corso

Dufour / Corso Studios, LTD.

Public Art Agent

Kitty Pheney

Louisiana State Division of the Arts

Industry Resource

Mike Trahan

Iberville Glass Co.


Jack Landry

Dufour / Corso Studios, LTD.


Mark Drennen

Louisiana State Secretary of State


This stained glass window was designed and fabricated in my studio in Baton Rouge, LA. It is in 2 sections and is approximately 16 ft. x 65 ft. total width and height. The glass is primarily German Antique and domestic cathedral glass and leaded in the traditional manner.


This was a Louisiana State Percent-for-Art project, a state mandated law that any state building with at least a $2,000,000 budget must allocate 1% for purchasing artwork. This was a competition, which I won, and therefore designed and fabricated this installation in the 2-story lobby of the W.C.C. Claiborne Governmental building.
The color and modulation of light was gave life to an otherwise cold, uninviting space.


I worked with the director of the Percent-for-Art program and the Louisiana Secretary of State and presented my preliminary design to a committee of state officials. Once the concept and design was approved, I fabricated the artwork in my studio with the help of my 3 assistants.