Pediatric Way Finding Signage - CODAworx

Pediatric Way Finding Signage

Submitted by Ksenia Annis


Client: Martin Army Community Hospital

Location: Ft Benning, GA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Ksenia Annis

Skyline Art Services

Art Consultant

Shahnaz Ghafoor

Skyline Art Services


The overall goal, as presented by the client to Skyline Art Services team, was to create easy-to-remember pediatric department way finding incorporating the nearby creek ecosystem.


The client needed original artwork for 4 corridors. I created animal shapes in festive colors based upon the creek ecosystem using digital techniques. The finished artwork was back printed on clear Plexiglas by Skyline Art Services for installation.


I worked with Skyline Art Services team members to determine the best materials to present the design ideas. Once back printed Plexiglas was selected as the medium I created Adobe Illustrator files for this medium.

Additional Information

The client was very happy with the use of cheerful but not garish colors and abstracted easily recognizable shapes of the critters.