Waves of Light - CODAworx

Waves of Light

Submitted by LISA BORGIANI

Client: Hospital San Raffaele

Location: Milan, Italy

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Davide Ronzi

Lechler Color Design


Matteo Ranghetti

studio tonassi&ranghetti


Lisa Borgiani


The installation is made of 9 light plastic spirals painted with various colors and of different sizes (from 5 up to 17 mtr high). My “mobile installations” interact with the existing architecture always creating new perspectives and points of view.
The conceptual aspect is my interest in combining a focus on installation within the environment (according to its shape and history) and developing an on-going dialogue with the space that surrounds it, offering new ways for the public to observe and enjoy the installation.


I call this hospital project “Places of Ascension”. This installation will not only have an aesthetic impact, but also a social and a functional one. Contemporary art wants to be used as a way to share a new dimension of beauty. By seeking beauty, we magically find a great truth: love that founds all things. And, above all, I want art to be accessible to everyone.


Collaboration with the Color company and the architects helped me in developing the idea and going forward step by step with a very precise method.