Client: Palm Beach County Art in Public Places

Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


Barbara Grygutis

Barbara Grygutis Sculpture LLC

Industry Resource

CAID Industries

CAID Industries

Industry Resource

M3 Engineering

M3 Engineering


"Wave" was designed to appear completely integrated with the existing architecture, creating an elegant, dynamic canopy over the main ballroom balcony entry. Five semi-transparent forms evoke the roll of waves as they spring off the façade of the Palm Beach County Convention Center. The concept is supported through computer modulated, kinetic LED lighting. At night, gentle, undulating wave/tide patterns, of brilliant light emanate from the sculpture. During the day the sculpture displays ever shifting moiré patterns interactive with the viewer.


"Wave" aims to merge public art with the exterior of the convention center, creating a unique placemaking experience for those within the facility as well as commuters passing by at varying speeds. The artwork is meant to evoke the movement and dynamism of a crashing wave, thereby acting as a memorable and distinctive feature of the convention center.


Barbara Grygutis acted as the lead artist and manager for this project in collaboration with Palm Beach County Art in Public Places. Additionally the fabricator for the project was CAID Industries and the engineering was done by M3, both of Tucson, Arizona.