Wave of Rainbow - CODAworx

Wave of Rainbow

Client: Annecy Paysages

Location: Annecy, France

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Development of Interactivity

Antonio Mechas


Development of Metal pools

Eduardo mogollon


Fabrication of Jumping jet fountains and pumps

Jumping Jet fountains

Forever Best International Group


Wave of Rainbow is an interactive public artwork formed by an interactive tunnel of several colorful jumping fountains.

The fountains are jumping in the tunnel constantly and when someone entry inside it, the fountains start arching with colors by following the journey of the person inside the tunnel.

The system is controlled by presence sensors, which activate the water jumping fountain’s behavior.

The concept of the proposed project is about adding fantasy in one’s journey while visiting the park and making it a fanciful experience. To accomplish that the artworks use technology to evoke, in a cheerful and metaphoric way, feelings of acceptance, belonging and self-stem.


- Affectivate (Affect and activate) the public space
- Synthesizes concepts of Biophilia, cognitive science, and psychology integrated with digital fabrication mixed with technological materials available in the market.
- Enhance the quality of life
- Be a community revitalizer
- Facilitate community engagement
- Playfulness
- Disrupt and stimulate interaction
- Expressive spaces that can stimulate human interaction


The project was developed by sections in different factories and assembled in Anaisa Franco Studio
1) Development of 4 modular metal pools in a factory in Barcelona
2) Fabrication of 15 jumping water jets and pumps in China
3) Development of interactive systems using 15 presence sensors
4) Assembly all parts in Anaisa Franco Studio in Barcelona
5) Installation on site in Annecy, France

Additional Information

The project is in Annecy, France in a Deposit looking for someone that wants to install it permanently.