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Waunakee Public Library, Suburban Madison, Wisconsin

Submitted by Mark Weller Timestacking Photography

Client: Village of Waunakee, Wisconsin

Location: Waunakee, WI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $6,800

Project Team


Mark Weller

Mark Weller Timestacking Photography

Administrator / Economic Development Director

Todd J. Schmidt

Village of Waunakee


Imaginative and creative for an anchor institution… appropriate for a municipal library. My collaboration with the Waunakee Public Library in suburban Madison, Wisconsin has resulted in several acquisitions of 2-D limited edition work which reflects the atmosphere and captures the heart of this unique village. My distinctive timestacked photography of the Upper Midwest – and from around the world – are usually 38×60, which makes them signature pieces and are a delightful and positive addition to the atmosphere and mission of the facility.


Five of my works are in key high-profile areas of the newly constructed Waunakee Public Library. The Village administration request artwork that not only reflects but celebrates the culture and history of the village. I produced “Bridge Over Sixmile Creek” from a popular and centrally located park and now hangs at the entrance of the Board of Directors room. A work titled “Cultivator at Schumacher” reflects the agricultural roots of an old farmstead which is now preserved as a historic county park. It now hangs an an intimate reading / meeting room near the fireplace. I also captured a series of playful images of a children’s carnival ride from an annual summer festival which were hung in the children’s book section. Like all my work, I produce large scale timestacked photographs, meaning I take traditional photography and introduce the element of “time” into the work. The results are painterly like creations that evolve traditional photography beyond the customary landscape.


The village administrator requested I meet with their architectural and design team in which I presented several pieces of my limited-edition work. They ultimately picked five large pieces. A timeline was established, and the deadline was met. Perhaps the highest compliment I received came from one of the interior designers: “I wish we had made more space for art because I would have selected many more of your pieces!”

Additional Information

The new community library was the result of many years of work and is a showcase for the village of Waunakee. This was a very high-profile project! They were very selective of the art to adorn their walls and I was honored and delighted to have my work chosen.