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Waterscapes At Parque Central


Client: Municipality of Valencia

Location: Valencia, Spain

Completion date: 2018

Project Team

Industry Resource

Francisco Revert


Industry Resource

Juan Vicente Climent


Industry Resource

Ramón Ballesteros


Industry Resource

Juan Carretero Llorente

Lumiartecnia Internacional


Designed by the landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson, the 'Parque Central' of Valencia is a new backbone of the city and recovers a space that until now divided it into two. Light, water and green are the main elements of this large urban park.


The avant-garde aquatic landscaping of Parque Central recreates a varied repertoire of water forms in an extensive journey through fountains, canals, waterfalls, sheets and water mirrors. These original aquatic landscapes, which sometimes form infinite with the channels of water – as a metaphor of the water cycle – and other times sprout from the ground in the form of innovative walkable fountains, represent a refreshing mix of clear designs, sustainability and cutting-edge technologies, to attract, relax and entertain the experience of taking a walk through this park so attractive and desired.


The varied aquatic landscapes formed by channels, ponds and waterfalls form the main avenues of the park, functioning as authentic arteries that transport the water and its freshness in all corners, converting the different landscaped spaces into true urban oases, where the Valencians can now have a fresh and relaxing meeting point in the heart of the city.

Additional Information

The engineering and the technology of the set of walkable fountains, waterfalls, ponds and water channels of the Parque Central, has been carried out by Lumiartecnia Internacional in collaboration with Imesapi.