Waterfall Studies (no. 33, no. 36, no. 68) - CODAworx

Waterfall Studies (no. 33, no. 36, no. 68)

Submitted by Michelle Higa Fox


Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Michelle Higa Fox

Slanted Studios


Chris Willmore



Stephanie Swart

Video Editor


Waterfall Studies (no. 33, no. 36, no. 68) generates different flows for each screen. The waterfall patterns never repeat, but always move in harmony.

Additional Information

Waterfall Studies was created by combining paper textures and dynamic particle systems. The flowing water is generated algorithmically, without any source footage of actual water, but following the rules and physics of fluid dynamics. The colors and textures are pulled from real paper that was scanned and then integrated into the particle systems.