Waterfall of Light - CODAworx

Waterfall of Light

Submitted by Dimitar Lukanov


Client: GSP International Airport

Location: Greenville, NC, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $165,000

Project Team


Dimitar Lukanov


GSP International Airport


The sculpture will “live” as a visual crossroad; a welcoming beacon and a focal perspective point as if all trajectories of travel converge into one. The 19ft sculpture's immediate vibrancy is embodied by an upward sequence of 250 light-filled, filigree steel elements and 300ft of bent steel tubing.


As a symbol of growth, renewal and continuum, sculpture's ascendant cascades of light culminate in a sun, oriented to both airport's interior and GSP's unique nature-saturated exterior. Much like people in an airport, the beams of light - veritable comets, converge into a single apex, only to disperse - ad infinitum - at its next level. Like the flow of water, Waterfall of Light aspires to be a never-ending gesture of movement, and a wellspring of life.


Continuous and effective collaboration with GSP executive leadership in the face of CEO Dave Edwards as the principal client, as well as engineering and fountain teams, led by Didier Nobels.

Additional Information

Waterfall of Light is part of the $125 m WINGSPAN renovation of GSP air Terminal. Greenville's Upstate Business Journal called it in its May 26 Issue "..a centerpiece of the Terminal's renovation".