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Water Wisps, Sanctuary Bubbles.

Client: George Bush International Airport

Location: Houston , TX, United States

Completion date: 2024

Project Team


Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee Studio

Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee Studio

Airport Art Curator

Alton DuLaney

Houston Airports


Water Wisps, Sanctuary Bubbles is a 321foot long art-installation consisting of 19 windows. In each 90 inch window, a unique artwork has been created using digitally manipulated artwork printed on an archival film. Inspired by the delicate and intricate movements of gorgonians and sea whips underwater, the composition of the work vividly portrays this fluidity. Reflecting the biodiversity of the Mesophotic deep zones in the Flower Gardens Banks National Marine Sanctuary off the Texas coast. The artwork showcases giant manta rays, sea nettles, barracuda, and other majestic marine species. Utilizing a palette of colors and abstraction with a sense of delicacy, the pieces imbue the hallways of terminal D with uplifting immersive energy reflecting portholes at sea.


Water Wisps, Sanctuary Bubbles aims to raise awareness to the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems and their significance to our planet's survival. These underwater habitats collectively contribute 50 to 60 percent of the Earth's oxygen. Mahimtura Folmsbee's goal is to convey the message that a healthy marine ecosystem is essential for the well-being of all humanity on a global scale.

Drawing inspiration from marine scientists dedicated to protecting the reef, Folmsbee's work encourages viewers to keep these vital ecosystems in mind in their daily lives and on their travels. Despite being often hidden from view, these locations remain crucial, and their preservation should be a priority for us all. The artwork is visually designed to captivate and educate viewers about the presence of these ecosystems off the coast of Texas, showcasing their vast expanse and interconnectedness. This project was designed with the ability for the artwork to be accessed on both sides of the Terminal.


The installation comprises of original artwork digitally manipulated by the artist in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, derived from her original oil paintings and ballpoint ink sketches. These works are crafted using a print process akin to silk screening, resulting in fine art prints on clear film.
Additionally, detailed ballpoint ink work from Mahimtura Folmsbee's tide pool sketches, inspired by Texas seashells and other tide pool locations, is incorporated into the installation. Notably, the Texas Official state seashell, the Lighting Whelk, is featured prominently. The collective works resemble stained glass porthole windows, serving as a focal point to promote ocean optimism.

Additional Information

The marine conservation artist Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee looks to the ocean for inspiration and brings to life these vibrant aquatic seascapes. The Mumbai-born, Houston-based artist uses images and sights from her own SCUBA diving adventures and tide pool research field work, which she incorporates into paintings, drawings, mixed media, and large-scale public art installations. Located in Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport and is part of the new Mickey Leland International Terminal. This work was curated by Alton DuLaney, curator of public art for Houston Airports, which was recently awarded ‘Worlds Best Airport Art Program,’ by the independent auditing firm Skytrax.