Water Light Plaza - CODAworx

Water Light Plaza

Submitted by Artsource Consulting


Client: Laconia, LLC

Location: Walnut Creek, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Jason Middlebrook

Art Consultant

Kerri Hurtado

Artsource Consulting


Paul Menzies

Laconia, LLC


Artist Jason Middlebrook created a dynamic, immersive, site specific work comprised of an abstract mosaic mural measuring 15 ft high by 35 ft wide, a water feature, and arc designs in the floor of the plaza. The abstract mosaic composition is made up of hundreds of hand–cut mirrored glass and ceramic tiles creating a background to arcs of mirrored glass. The arcs are repeated in the water jets, and the plaza floor. The composition captures and reflects visitors and patterns of the sky while the arcs of water at the base of the piece connect the mosaic and floor.


The goal was to create a piece that draws visitors into the public plaza, allowing for interaction and place making for the mixed-use development. By using mirror-tiles in the mosaic the abstract composition reflects the surrounding environment and visitors. Different weather conditions and time of day allow for unique interpretations every day. Visitors have been seen interacting with the piece, photographing themselves as they become part of the composition.


Artsource Consulting worked closely with the artist, developer and City of Walnut Creek to develop and finalize the design of the plaza. Because the mosaic is incorporated into the exterior wall of the building structure, close collaboration with the builders was key.