Client: Google

Location: Kirkland, WA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team

Glassblowing & Design

Julie Conway

Illuminata Art Glass Design

Architecture & Design

Michael Vander Ploeg


Design Contributions

Google Operations



Permanent installation at Kirkland, WA Google Offices. Elements of the Puget Sound as the “water” elements create chandeliers in the micro kitchen work spaces. The building features water, sky, mountains, and forest in the natural & archietectral surroundings. Hand blown glass oversized water droplets are illuminated within with LED. Glass sizes range from 9” – 30” tall. Photo shows 1/2 of the room’s installation. Concept and design in collaboration with DLR Architecture. Glass fabrication by Julie Conway.


Celebrating the natural elements of the Pacific Northwest was most important for the design. The energy-efficient building utilized many local designers and builders to accomplish the look of mountains, water, sky and forest.


Julie worked intricately with DLR Architecture, Google Operations and the contractors to create this massive installation of oversized glass water droplets and to help in the installation process. Hot glass making is very complicated and cannot be made just anywhere. Julie's team works in some of the largest furnaces in the US to accomplish literally anything in glass!

Additional Information

DLR has achieved design recognition awards for this project, and buildings of this campus are LEED platinum certification. Blown glass, steel, custom machined metal elements, LED components, aircraft cable Photo: DLR