Walls of Making - CODAworx

Walls of Making

Submitted by Henning Haupt

Client: Art and Culture Center Hollywood

Location: Hollywood, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Art Consultant

Laura Marsh

Art and Culture Center Hollywood

Art Consultant

Hilary Lewis

Hilary Lewis


Henning Haupt


10 cut-out paintings, Oil, Ink, Pencil on Paper
6 cut-out paintings, Oil, Ink, Pencil on Drywall
Installation: Aluminum Frame
The paintings of “Walls of Making” are done in a studio set up to literally paint in three dimensions. To conclude the layering of the painting process, certain areas are cut out following a specific logic.


The cut outs transmit the inner painting to the outside surface as initiations for a second painting on the other, now of double-sided, free-standing drywall panels as folded paintings.
The painting’s qualities as an object in space are enhanced by the cuts and their negative spaces. Installed in the aluminum framework colors and marks are tangible elements in our three-dimensional space reaching beyond the limits of the painted plane into the physical space. The color spaces on the picture plane are merged with the architectural space as its context.

Additional Information

This project was installed in a art context. For public and commercial use of projects of this kind material surfaces and displays will be executed appropriately.