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Waldorf Astoria Chicago, Bernard’s

Submitted by Julia Karpilovsky

Client: Lodging Capital Partners, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Lisa Simeone

KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group

Associate Principal

Carrie Tolman

KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group


Dan King

Lodging Capital Partners, LLC

General Contractor

Eric J. Bullion

Pepper Construction Company

Artist of Braid Installation

Beth Kamhi

Beth Kamhi Artist


The lounge was resurrected from meeting space and leaves a lasting impression with its highland-inspired color palette and subtle equestrian flourishes. These touches create an energetic, but posh feel that invites visitors to linger over craft cocktails and champagne. This intimate craft cocktail and champagne bar is an oasis for hotel guests and locals in the area. French design masters such as Coco Chanel are the foundation of inspiration for the whole hotel. The design was further inspired by the men who were important to Coco’s life as well as revitalized her legacy as a designer. The palette of the Scottish highland was inspired by the Count that gifted Coco Chanel with a Scottish estate. Heathered greys, deep sensual burgundy, and midnight blue create the masculine envelope. Subtle Scottish textile motifs can be found in the upholstery. Drawing from the man who introduced Chanel to her lifelong love of all things equestrian, details of woven leather straps and woven leather panels pepper the space with interest and intrigue. New metal and wood liquor cabinets that are expertly lit celebrate the amber, dark liquor that will be served in a new bespoke cocktail menu. Intimate lounge seating winds its way around the room with a large tete-a-tete grounding the central space.


CoCo Chanel had a lifelong love of all things equestrian, so designers touched each part of the hotel with equestrian details. Woven leather straps and panels are highlighted throughout the cozy cocktail lounge. The braid piece located on the ramp in the bar was meant to be a bold statement piece highlighting an avant-garde equestrian style. With a balance of delicate and industrial, inspiring works of sculpture achieve a dynamic sense of tension through their provocative juxtaposition of style, content and form. Though the industrial steel ball chain may reflect an industrial elegance, the ornamental fluidity of the forms comes from weaving and draping the steel material, giving the illusion of silk threads. This piece ties in the rest of the bar design by touching the same color palette of warm dark woven leathers while also being the focal moment of the lounge.