Wahopi Light Sculptures - CODAworx

Wahopi Light Sculptures

Submitted by Paul Lashua

Client: Private Commission

Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Paul Lashua


Richard Duncan

Architectural Art Glass Studio


The Light Sculpture Project was a collaboration with the client to redesign existing stained glass window and skylight panels from an Artist's Studio, to become residential Light Sculptures. The aesthetic goal of the project was to retain the brilliance of the original glass panels from their intended architectural setting, while re-interpreting them as individual Light Sculptures that enhance their new space, as well as becoming cohesive parts of a whole in relation to one another in the overall space.


The Light Sculpture Project is one part of an ongoing and much larger overall creative process of re-interpreting architectural elements of an existing Artist's Studio, along with newly designed and fabricated projects, which include but are not limited to furniture, railings, interior and exterior sculpture, and various other architectural craft. The original context of Artist's Studio is an urban setting, while the new residential context is rural. This change in context provides both unique creative opportunities and challenges.


The collaboration process originated from the clients request that the original artists and craftspeople that were involved in the creation of the Artist's Studio project would continue to be involved in the design and creation of the new residential projects. The continued collaboration of artisans allows for a cohesive design and fabrication process, as well as a trust, confidence, and comfort level for the client.