Submitted by Susan Gott


Client: University of Tampa

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Rick Sgrillo

Rennaisance Iron

Industry Resource

Mark Naugle

Gott Glass - Phoenix Studio Inc


2019 © Susan Gott, Hot cast, cobalt glass, using rigid sand mold, with hand-made inclusions,
hand-ground and polished, hand-wrought steel, silver leaf, LED lighting, with black terrazzo base


This project was created for the entryway lobby of the new Graduate and Health Studies Building at the University of Tampa. We wanted to have a splash of color and a focal point within this otherwise monotone interior. We chose to cast an intense rich cobalt glass to be highlighted against the white glass wall and back-illuminated with LED strip lighting, behind the glass disc.


The creation of this sculpture was a collaboration between many individuals. Thanks go out to University of Tampa's, Doctor Vaughn for making this commission possible; with the coordination of Michael Murphy Gallery, the skillful ironwork of Rick Sgrillo of Renaissance Iron, and patience of Mark Naugle of Steward Mellon Inc, George Blanchette Photography, Sasha Dalla Costa, Rolf Burer, and my staff, Justin Thompson and Phillip Baker.

Additional Information

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