Vomit 2022 - CODAworx

Vomit 2022

Submitted by Stingray Studios, Inc.


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


2x4 Design

production + installation



PRADA + stingray. Prada USA has partnered with stingray since 2007 to produce and install over 35 supergraphic murals in their Soho Epicenter on Broadway in New York City.

New York design studio 2×4 works with PRADA to conceptualize and create the stunning artwork that stingray is tasked to produce.

Each mural is 192’w x 16’h.

The majority of the murals are digital productions on commercial wallcovering materials. Sometimes materials are layered or combined for an added element of depth.

The entire history of the PRADA mural program can be seen at https://www.prada.com/us/en/pradasphere/special-projects/2017/wallpapers.html#component_static_gal


stingray's goal on any of these projects is to bring 2x4's work to life in a way that enhances the environment of PRADA's guests.


Each project begins with stingray receiving the artwork inspiration created by 2x4. This begins a collaborative process in which stingray works with 2x4 to determine the optimal production processes and materials to best compliment the artwork.

Tests are created for review to determine if the colors, resolution and materials are correct.

Following approval the murals are printed and transported to New York for installation. The installations must happen between 8.00pm and 8.00am due to PRADA being open for business.

Seeing the sunrise from the inside of the PRADA Epicenter in New York is a truly unique experience.