VJ op de Dom - CODAworx

VJ op de Dom

Submitted by Martin Boverhof

Client: Born Digital

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Koenraad Marinus van Lier


Anne Gentenaar


Daan Kars


Martin Boverhof


Live visual performance at the Dom tower in Utrecht.


We were commissioned to make specific content for a carillon piece composed by Rene Uijlenhoet. This piece was played live on the Dom but contained parts that were pre-recorded at other carillons in Europe. We traveled with the composer to shoot this additional video material, for the performance.


The project started with brainstorming between the composer, musicians, the client and our Born Digital team. In the production phase we worked closely together. We reviewed the musical score while keeping a free approach to the visual content we were recording in short time-spans at various locations. The process continued in the editing studio where we made video loops and sequences. The client was always involved, helping in international dialogues and location management, but always respected our creative skills and improvisation.