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Visions for Tomorrow

Submitted by Jalen Law

Client: Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Location: Niagara Falls, NY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Lead Artist

Jalen A. Law

The Jalen Law Collection LLC


Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority


Initially, the intent for the mural was to improve the appearance of the Center’s indoor waiting area, generating feelings of comfort, safety, and pride. But I wanted to take this to another level to truly connect with local residents and to use the artwork to create a bridge between the people and municipal institutions. My concept was inspired the conversations I would have with residents while I was working on the Calvin "Pop" Porter mural. When I asked people about their thoughts of Niagara Falls some were hopeful, many were bleak but the constant variable regardless of the responses was the challenge of defining where do they see the city in the future. The intent of the concept is to provide a space for the community of Niagara Falls to answer that question with clarity and inspire action towards the progress of Niagara Falls. 


Improve the appearance of the Center’s indoor waiting area, generating feelings of comfort, safety, and pride. The integration of the goals were the top priority of this project. The location of the bus station is in an area greatly impacted by both poverty and a lack of vision. This project is an opportunity to disrupt the despair through artistic expression.


For this project I focused on exploring the medium of sculpture into my work. I felt strongly inspired to use symbols that were relatable, easily digestible but could be uniquely interpreted by those who utilize the waiting area of the transportation center. The sculpture I incorporated was a mirror designed into the silhouette of a human body to serve as a reminder that without the individual the progress of the city becomes an impossible task. I also incorporated a QR code installation to provide residents the opportunity to anonymously write their vision of a better Niagara Falls. That information is then delivered to the City of Niagara Falls Community Development Department to use the feedback to develop future community projects that reflects the feedback of their citizenry.