Vision- the First Farmer - CODAworx

Vision- the First Farmer

Submitted by Charlie Johnston

Client: City of Dauphin

Location: Dauphin, MB, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Charlie Johnston

C5 Artworks


Melisa Stefaniw

City of Dauphin


My statue of Dauphin’s first farmer represents Vision, foresight- his very existence comes into being as he breaks ground on undeveloped land, head turned to the left looking into the future of what may come. He is studying the lay of the land, the weather systems and the prospects of crops to come. true grit, a curmudgeony figure with the right stuff to see past any and all obstacles fate may have in store for him.
The shovel in his hands becomes a cantilevered support mechanism for the statue itself. 3' x 3' x 5'


The City of Dauphin was creating a collection of statues in their downtown area centered around the theme of community virtues, and commissioned me to find a way to express 'vision' through the persona of the first farmer to break ground and establish their district. 'First Farmer' was the last of the series, and needed to embody the story in a similar but unique way on a limited budget.

Additional Information

The theme is breaking ground, vision. The foresight of the first man to lay roots, plant a crop, establish a community and as such has a universal appeal- a self made man of sorts.